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I’d like to think that my clients are happy with our interaction and its outcomes.  Comment here with your kudos!

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  • Blake Allen

    Dan built rebuilt my music web site in January ( The first thing I noticed is that it looked amazing. Then Dan spent a few minutes with me on the phone to show my how to update shows and post news and I was up and running.

    I used to have to update my old site through Dreamweaver software and it was a chore. If updating a web site is a hassle, it usually translates into not updating it much. The WordPress format is really user friendly; you just log in, update and publish. It’s super easy to post news and show updates, and it’s cool because it’s also interactive – people can post comments which I can moderate and respond to.

    If you’re someone who wants a totally professional web presence, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time learning web maintenance, Dan will make your life on the web a lot easier.

  • Reply

    Thanks to Dan for creating the website for Luke’s Beef and Beer Fundraiser (, an event I organized to raise money for a friend who suffered a serious spinal injury in July. During our initial conversation, Dan and I discussed creating a website to advertise the event to public. Less than a week later, the website was up and running and far exceeded my expectations! Not only did it advertise our event, but it also allowed individuals to read about and comment on Luke’s story, to donate and buy tickets, to receive updates on the event, and to explore the various silent auction items that were being featured at the event.

    In addition to creating an awesome website, Dan also coached me through the process of updating it myself. This saved me the time of having to call and wait on a third party to update the site- which proved invaluable in the incredibly hectic days leading up to the event. Also, if I did have questions or an issue with adding content, Dan was easily accessible by both phone and email and walked me through the process step-by-step.

    With Dan’s help, our event was an extreme success! Not only did he go above and beyond my expectations, but his time and expertise were 100% donated. Thank you so much, Dan, for your time, generosity, and our incredible website!

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